Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dragons Den:Life Lesson

A life lesson that I learned  the very hard way was not to disrespect my mom in ANY way! Because As she would say I put you into this world and I can take you out just as easily. But I would reallly have it in for me if I did disrecpect  her but  that was a lesson i leanred the hard way for sure because i love to argue and i found out the hard way not to do that.

Dragons Den 7: Would You Rather?

I would rather be smart. You can't buy a house, car, or get a job with looks. If you look like me then you got both. Pretty ain't gona help you pass the test, pretty ain't about to put food on the table, you can't pay the water bill looking pretty, you cant pay the gas and electric bill lookin pretty, you cant pay the cable/internet bill looking pretty. On the other hand you can be pretty and get money you can be a model but i doubt they would hire a high school drop out.

Dragons Den:ABC's About Me

A: athletic
B: Beast
C: confident
D: Driven
E: Enthusiatic
F; Fantastic
G: Good
H: Hot
I: Incrediable
J: Jolly
L: Large
M: Money
N: Nice ( When I want to be)
P: Prideful
Q: Quarterback( STARTING)
R: Ready( put me in the game)
S: Sexy
U: Understanding
V: Violent
W:  Women( I get em)
X: X rated
Y: young
Z: Zesty

Campus Adult Character Traits Competition

Angie, a girl/ boy side staff is nice because she always helps me when i need it and ashe gives me snacks.

Alonzo is my lead staff he is one of the chillest staff on campus and he is very cool.

David aka tiny but he is 300 pounds he is our staff and he played football so he can relate to alot of things with me and he is really funny.

Thomas the supervisor is funny chill and he likes to get dunked on by me but hes the best supervisor.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dragons' Den First Semester Week 4: Power Outage on Thursday

Dragons' Den First Semester Week 4: Power Outage on Thursday        

 I came back from school and was chillen in my house for a little bit then the power went out it was so wack I was so bored and I was mad because my phone died so I really had absolutely nothing to do no TV no music no phone no nothing. But I’m glad the campus set something up we all got to go up to the cafĂ© and chill for a couple of hours and I was on restriction so it was even better but overall I thought that the power outage was really fun and I hope it happens again

Thursday, September 1, 2011

“The Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket” Conflicts & Surprise

“The Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket” Conflicts & Surprise

The name of the story is “The Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket” when tom re-entered the apartment his yellow paper flew out of the window and he tired to go retrieve it. Like an idiot he got stuck so that was the internal conflict. Then Tom got really scared when he looked down and he almost fell down. This paper was really important to him it had everything on that paper so he had to get it. But tom realized how short life was and decided to spend more time with his wife than work. His near death experience changed his life